Winter in Colorado is no joke — the snow and freezing temperatures are enough to make you not want to drive anyway, and the cold, blustery conditions can leave your skin feeling raw. Not to mention, indoor heat, however good it feels, further exacerbates the dryness of your skin. The lack of moisture can be combated though, all you need to do is keep reading to acquire some tips on keeping your skin smooth and supple this winter and every winter from here on out. 


Drink Plenty of Water

This is actually something you should be doing year-round. When it’s cold outside, we often forget to drink enough during the day, drying our skin out even more than the air does. Remember to keep filling up your water bottle, or stay hydrated and warm by sipping winter teas, which can help you in feeling hydrated, cozy, and healthy all at the same time.

Keep Your Showers Short and Sweet

It is more than tempting to reach for that dial and turn the heat up and have a long hot shower or bath, especially when it’s freezing outside. Hot showers and baths are a huge no-no, as excessively hot water can not only dehydrate you but will also strip away those necessary oils from your body. If your skin is irritatingly red and itchy when you step out, it’s a sign that you have overdone it. 


Stay Moisturized

Applying a facial moisturizer and body lotion after you get out of the shower will go a long way in keeping your skin protected. Don’t forget your hands and feet, they’re the most hardworking parts of your body. It is also a good idea to carry lip balm with you so you can hydrate your lips, as they dry out just as easily, if not more.  


When You Go Skiing, Be Protected

We don’t just mean that you should be skiing with a helmet, we mean that you should think about wearing sunscreen when you hit the slopes. Anyone who has gone skiing or snowboarding knows that the sun at the top of the run can be bright. It reflects right off the snow directly into your face, and since you are higher in elevation, the UVA and UVB rays are especially intense. A goggle tan is obviously a badge of honor for those with the ski bum lifestyle, but trust us, your skin and your future self will thank you. It’s one of the many preventative steps you can take to limit your risk of developing skin cancer.


If you are currently living with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea, which can all be irritated by dry winter weather, seek treatment at Colorado Skin Surgery and Dermatology. Our Denver dermatologists are highly skilled and specially trained in diagnosing and treating skin conditions. Learn more by visiting our site, and contact us today to schedule an appointment.