Apart from cosmetic products, the foods that we eat directly affect our skin’s health. Some foods build the skin structure and composition while others destroy it.

At Colorado Skin Surgery & Dermatology, our aim is for everybody in Denver, Colorado, to have healthy skin. In addition, we educate our clients on the direct impact of their food choices.

Our team also recommends the best diet changes for healthier skin and general body structure. This information is available at our eczema treatment and psoriasis treatment program in Denver.


Sugar and Sugary Foods


Avoid sugar at all costs since it speeds the aging process. In addition, sugar makes the skin elastic, causing premature wrinkling and sagging.

This happens through glycation, where sugar bonds in the collagen, causing it to stiffen irreversibly, leading to wrinkling and sagging.


Milk and Dairy Products


If you want to reduce acne on the face, then limit your dairy intake. Professional skin doctors in Denver have linked milk and other dairy products to trigger most acne.

Milk has high glycerin content that spikes blood sugar, increasing insulin levels leading to enhanced oil production.

Acne doctors in Denver recommend more calcium intake to remedy the condition. Additionally, try eating more greens, and notice how the acne reduces.


Dark Green Veggies


Skin doctors near you can confirm that dark green vegetables contain several vitamins such as Vitamin A, lycopene, and lutein. These components help prevent the skin from extreme UV rays. At Colorado Skin Surgery & Dermatology, we recommend that you keep using tomatoes when cooking vegetables to nurture a healthy skin structure.


All Fruit Types


All fruits are good for the skin and your general health. This is because they have high nutritional content and many vitamins. Let’s take, for instance, an orange that is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the skin form tight collagen fibers for a better skin structure. It also acts as an antioxidant and blocks harmful UV rays.


Nuts and Seeds


These are good sources of vitamin E, which protects the skin membrane and promotes the fast healing of wounds.

Nuts and seeds also contain small amounts of selenium, zinc, and copper that protect the body from cell damage.


Our lifestyle choices have a direct impact on our skin and bodies. Colorado Skin Surgery & Dermatology helps residents of Denver, Colorado, make the best food choices. In addition, we are the best dermatologists in Denver, helping you transform your diet into a healthy one.