The summer season brings longer periods of exposure to sunlight and is the right time to go for swims on your favorite beach or even camping. However, to enjoy all these activities, our bodies need to be ready, and Colorado Skin Surgery & Dermatology has got you covered.

For a start, the skin needs constant protection from extreme UV rays, especially during summer. It also needs to be kept moisturized at all times. The services featured in psoriasis treatment in Denver might also come in handy.

It can be challenging to transition the body to adapt to the new season fully. That is why we dedicate ourselves to ensure people from Denver, Colorado, enjoy these times. For non-residents, you can get these services by searching for ‘best dermatologists near me’ on your phone.


SculpSure Body Treatment


The first treatment available is the SculpSure, where we reduce the stubborn fat in areas such as the abdomen and is ideal for those with trouble spots. There will be no need to worry about the spots since we remove them permanently by destroying the fat cells.

SculpSure treatment is fast, affordable, and causes less discomfort. Moreover, you only need one treatment session from a reputable skin doctor in Denver.


Hair Reduction Treatment


Hair reduction removes hair that causes extreme sweating during physical activities. Sweat can be your enemy when camping or hiking, especially during summer.

At Colorado Skin Surgery & Dermatology, we remove all unwanted hair quickly and pain-free. We often use pulsed light lasers for this process. The process entails light getting absorbed and converted into heat, thereby disabling the cells from producing new hair.


Scar/ Stretch Marks Treatment


We have the best dermatologists in Denver who offer stretch mark treatment to our clients. The treatment involves removal of the marks through surgical revision, laser treatment, and subcision.

Subcision involves lifting the scar bed, achieved by releasing the tissue bands that create skin depression.


Body Tattoo Removal  


Our tattoo removal services are the best since we leave no residual change in skin color. We mostly use laser technology for most of our clients. The technology works best on blue, black, or red-inked tattoos.

It takes an average of 4 to 5 treatment sessions to remove most tattoos. This is because our equipment uses brief light pulses to break the ink into small absorbable particles.


Other Non-invasive Body Treatments


There are other body treatments to try, such as chemical peels. This method involves the chemical exfoliation of the skin, which removes the dead skin cells, hence producing new ones. Our sessions are fast and take 10 minutes to complete for some skin types. The best acne doctor in Denver is waiting for you.


Colorado Skin Surgery & Dermatology is a reliable organization authorized to operate in Denver, Colorado. We offer full skin services, including non-invasive body treatments, eczema treatment programs, and many more. So book an appointment with us today and let our skin doctor near you help your body.