There is no need to switch up your whole skincare routine and buy new skincare products for the summer. However, since the skin gets more sun exposure during this period, preparing for this transition requires certain improvements to your current routine.

The skin needs certain products to keep it hydrated and glowing the whole season. For Denver, Colorado residents, Colorado Skin Surgery & Dermatology services ensure maximum skin protection during this period. Get more information on psoriasis treatment in Denver from our experts.

The following are some of the adjustments we recommend during this transitioning period.


Buy Our Sunscreen


It is best to have sunscreen as a part of your skincare routine, especially during summer, as it helps protect your skin from extreme sun rays.

Using sunscreen is very simple; ensure you use about half a teaspoon for the face and a full teaspoon for the limbs. Always carry it with you and apply it before exposing your skin to the sun.


Switch to a Lighter Moisturizer


A report showed that a good summer skincare routine must have a moisturizer. Moisturizing products reestablish the outer layer of the skin damaged by sun rays. Applying moisturizer during summer also protects the skin from harmful products and chemicals. In addition, it prevents skin diseases and dryness.

There are different moisturizer versions available for the four seasons at Colorado Skin & Surgery. Switch up to lighter products this summer.


Don’t Forget Vitamin C


The summer season exposes your skin to UV rays for extended periods. Including vitamin C in your routine ensures you stay safe from these harmful rays. It also helps fight hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

There are other internal benefits of using vitamin C, such as boosting collagen production. Collagen is what ensures you glow. Apply a few drops in the morning, and that is enough for the whole day. Visit a skin doctor in Denver to examine your skin type.  


Try Our Exfoliating Products


Sun rays lead to lots of dead skin cells. The skin also gets exposed to high levels of heat and humidity.  Dermatologists confirm that this leads to increased production of sebum and oil.

Exfoliating remedies all this by decongesting the skin. This then leads to a brighter complexion because the exfoliation process removes the dead skin cells. Acne doctors in Denver use these products in their daily operations to help patients get smoother skin.


At Colorado Skin Surgery & Dermatology, we have sunscreen, lactic acid and glycolic acid serums, Vitamin C, and the best moisturizing options. Our clients from Colorado can visit our shops to get eczema treatment in Denver and other services from our dermatologists. Our team will help you transition and pick the right products for summer.